One platform for your entire team

Teamwork combines different skills, approaches, and ways of thinking, that’s why your team deserves technologies that encourage working together. Enalyzer…

Teamwork combines different skills, approaches, and ways of thinking, that’s why your team deserves technologies that encourage working together. Enalyzer is a platform that enables you to get valuable insight, allowing everyone to elevate your business through collaboration.


We all work with data, Enalyzer allows you to turn that data into insight. Analyze your data through tailor-made reports that will help you identify trends and areas of improvement. Share the insight with all members of the organization, from managers to employees, so everyone can act and improve the stakeholder experience.


Everyone can collaborate on gathering and working with data, building reports, as well as sharing and reading reports; thereby implementing an insight-driven culture in your organization.


Every single member of your team is different and has different experiences. Enalyzer is a user-friendly tool that embraces everyone in your organization, regardless of data expertise. You don’t have to be a research expert to get started right away. The Enalyzer platform empowers everyone from student assistants to project managers by giving them the insights they need when they need them.

Enalyzer is highly secure, scalable, compliant and continuously audited to ensure your security and comfort. Lastly, the platform is completely backed up with a plethora of services from customer service, webinars, and consultants ready to assist.

Easier and better collaboration

Bring your entire team to Enalyzer and start collaborating with your team on surveys and reports through workspaces.

Are you part of several teams? No problem, with one account, you can be a member of several workspaces. As a workspace administrator, you can invite your entire team and start collaborating. Since teams change all the time, members can easily leave or be removed whenever it is no longer relevant for them to be part of the workspace.

To work together, workspace members simply have to include their surveys and reports and get cracking. Your graphic designer doesn’t have to wait until you’re done setting up the questions to personalize your survey’s look. Instead, you can get your work done at the same time. Workspace members can edit anything about your surveys and reports, however, all the items you own can only be deleted by you and you can exclude them from the workspace at any time. So far, so good, right?

Everything under one online roof

With an organization, you can ensure that all data and content related to your company is in one place and not distributed throughout individual employee accounts. Everything created within the organization will always stay there and can never be transferred out, since leaving an organization means leaving all the work you’ve created behind. In short: organizations keep your company’s data in one place and protects it from employee turnover.

Boost learning and memory with quizzes using Enalyzer

The internet loves quizzes, they are literally everywhere. You can find any type of quiz, from random trivia to personality…

The internet loves quizzes, they are literally everywhere. You can find any type of quiz, from random trivia to personality quizzes, and most importantly, quizzes that tell you which Disney princess you are. Quizzes are an excellent tool for businesses to generate leads and increase brand awareness but they are also great for education and training.

The testing effect

The testing effect, also known as the retrieval practice, is a strategy in which retrieving information enhances and boosts learning. In other words, deliberately recalling information forces us to remember things in the long term.

According to memory researchers (yes, this is a thing), practicing information retrieval is more effective that repeated exposure to the same information. For example, recalling an answer to a math question significantly improves learning than looking up the answer over and over again.

You’ve probably experienced this yourself. You’re hanging out with friends and family and someone starts talking about a topic you recently read about but you can’t jump into the conversation, why? You don’t really remember what you read. However, if it’s a topic that constantly keeps coming up in different social gatherings, after a couple of times of Googling it, you will find yourself remembering the specifics.

In conclusion, we need more tests.

Redefine testing

You’re probably ready to close this article, but please hang on with us for a second. The word test brings up a bunch of negative connotations and memories, such as failure, no sleep, and stress. But a lot of this is connected to the fact that traditionally tests are used as a performance evaluation tool. Don’t misunderstand, testing performance is vital for many things such as driver’s licenses and, you know, pilots!

However, tests can and should also be used as learning tools. The testing effect research strongly suggests that removing the grading system is essential to learning and long-term memory. Quizzes that are not graded, relieve the pressure, and instead they act as a memory retrieval tool, preparing students for graded tests.

Try it out yourself!

We created an international Christmas quiz in December and it was harder than we thought.

But this gives us the perfect opportunity to test the testing effect. Try the quiz a couple of times and see how you start retaining information!

→ Take the International Christmas quiz

Quiz with Enalyzer

With Enalyzer, you can easily setup quizzes. Our score is the perfect feature for making quizzes. You can calculate scores for answers. Each response alternative to a question can be given different values, and calculations can be made on those values. Additions, subtractions, multiplications and divisions can be made the entire quiz.

Enalyzer also has powerful design tools so you can easily create good looking, high-end quizzes without any design background or skills – all you need is your imagination.

→ Learn how to create a quiz with Enalyzer

Invite respondents automatically via SFTP

Sending survey invites via email by uploading CSV files is one of the easiest ways of sending bulk invitations. However,…

Sending survey invites via email by uploading CSV files is one of the easiest ways of sending bulk invitations. However, some people can catch themselves importing CSV files over and over and over again for the same survey. Are you one of those people? Well then, you might consider integrating Enalyzer with your SFTP (Safe File Transfer Protocol) server to automate the process and save time.

Automate, automate, automate

We’re about insight and informed decision making, that’s why we’re continuously improving the platform so you can spend less time doing manual work and more time elevating your business. Zapier remains an excellent way of connecting Enalyzer with 1000+ apps. However, you might want to connect directly to your SFTP server without middlemen, that’s why we brought you this feature.

Real quick, what’s an SFTP server? An SFTP server is a network protocol that provides file access, file transfer, and file management over any reliable data stream. In short, you can safely transfer files and directories between computers over a secure data network.

Let’s break it down…

Imagine you have a CRM (customer-relationship-management) system that automatically exports your customers’ information such as email and name as a CSV file to your SFTP server, and you’d like to send monthly survey invitations to them. What do you do?

Step 1: Connect your Enalyzer survey to a CSV file on your SFTP server

You’re already storing your CSV file in your SFTP server, all you need to do is connect it to your Enalyzer survey and ensure that any variables you might have are also transferred into Enalyzer, e.g. region, age, etc.

Step 2: Define the integration frequency

It’s time to select the frequency at which Enalyzer pulls the CSV file and sends the invitations. Let’s say you want to send surveys every month to your customers, then you can select “monthly” as the frequency.

Step 3: Select an invitation message

You’re sending out emails, so make sure you have your message invitation ready and simply select it while setting up.

Step 4: Make better decisions

Set up a report, sit back as results come in and use your time to retrieve insight and learn more about your customers.

→ Learn how to connect Enalyzer to your SFTP server

Enalyzer 2018: Year in review

We’re closing in on the end of the year, so we thought we would sum up 2018’s highlights, i.e. the…

We’re closing in on the end of the year, so we thought we would sum up 2018’s highlights, i.e. the features and updates made in 2018 that you absolutely need to know about. Maybe you missed some?

Score Calculator

Enalyzer’s score calculator is the perfect feature for making quizzes, online order forms and more. You can calculate scores for answers in quizzes or total up prices on an order form. Our score calculator, allows you to apply calculations and a score/price to your questions. Each response alternative to a question can be given different values, and calculations can be made on those values. Additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions can be made on the entire survey.

Background images from Unsplash

With images, you can better engage your audience while expressing your brand identity. We have a highly-skilled, amazingly talented design team that make our Enalyzer surveys, quizzes and forms look professional and eye-catching. But we know that not everyone has access to a professional photographer or graphic designer. This is unfair. Everyone should be able to create stunning surveys. To fix it, we teamed up with leading image provider, Unsplash, to give you access to over 550,000 high-resolution images right inside your Enalyzer account – for free.
To give you complete control, we have also added the possibility to stretch the images, so they take up the entire screen regardless of the device. Remember, Enalyzer is 100% responsive, which means it adapts to all screen sizes and now so do your images! You can also fix images positions, so even if the respondent has to scroll through a page of questions, your images will be fixed. Finally, you can select the alignment of images as well as tile them or not.

Response receipts

Your respondents asked you for the option to view, print, and change their responses and you asked us. A lot. So we brought you the response receipt. As a default, Enalyzer surveys include a response receipt button in the last element of your survey. The response receipt button allows respondents to change their answers, as long as your survey remains open. Regardless of the survey status (open or closed), the response receipt would allow respondents to always view and print their answers.

Wait a sec, what if I don’t want respondents to change their answers? There may be times when you’d like to disable the option for respondents to change their answers, for example, for quizzes! If you are testing people’s knowledge, they shouldn’t be able to go back and change their answers. Of course, we thought of that too, so you can disable this option and still give respondents the option to view and print their answers.

Website collector

Adding surveys, forms and quizzes on websites to collect data has great advantages. We know, you know, so we made it happen! We wanted to deliver something flexible and simple, so that you didn’t have to involve the IT department. Now, you can add your Enalyzer survey as a standard embed, a pop-op or a button, simply add a tag to your website’s HTML, activate the website collector and you’re good to go.

Bulk edits in reports

You created data series for your 2017 results and 2018 results and now you want to use them to benchmark 25 charts but it’s going to have to wait until the next day because you don’t have time to add them manually to every single individual chart. Not anymore!

As long as the setting you want to edit is shared by all charts, for example, all chart types can be displayed as vertical bars, then you can make bulk edits. Save time to do better and more important things, like evolving your business.

Share reports

We updated the way to share reports online. When you share a report online, the report reader has to log into Enalyzer or create an account if they don’t have one to access the report. The benefits? Report administrators now have full control to view their readers, manage their roles, and control their access to the report.

Report versions

When you’re monitoring your data based on different criteria, the last thing you want to do is define your filters each and every time you want to look at your data. With report versions, you can define your filter criteria once and save it for later use, for example, you can have one version filtered through the Brazilian office and another one for the London office.
And to top that, you can share your reports versions with others. In other words, you can share the Brazilian office results with the Brazilian managers and they won’t have access to the results of the other offices.
Oh, it gets better – you can create and share report versions at the same time with a CSV file. So, if you have to create reports for 100 managers, we got you covered. It’s an easy and simple way of controlling who has access to what.

Need help?

Awesome feature releases aren’t the only thing we do. We’ve also updated our consultancy services. We measure and improve customer and employee metrics, such as engagement and loyalty. We work with data which allows us to provide valuable insights that will elevate and improve your business. By pooling together the collective knowledge, experience, and expertise our consultants have to offer, we can identify the issues that need your attention and help you with a strategy and action plan.

Check out our use case catalog and get inspired

With every single project we take on, we focus on listening, delivering and sustaining.
We listen: To ensure that you get the best results to elevate your business, we first have to understand your goals, challenges, needs, expectations, and how you work. Only then can we develop the right solution.
We deliver: For solutions to work, they have to be implemented. We see ourselves as your partners in crime and we’ll make sure you understand the provided insights fully and guide you into implementing change.
We sustain: We deliver sustainable solutions that yield long-term results. To ensure that, we offer training, staying with you over time, and any assistance you may need.

Learn how we can help you!

Honorable mentions

  • Customize the “end survey” button. You can now edit the text of the last button in your survey, some of the most popular uses are: submit, contact us, and thank you.
  • Make a response option exclusive. If you have a multiple choice question that allows for multiple answers, you might want to make one of them exclusive, e.g. “none of the above”.
  • Profile pics. Personalize your Enalyzer account with a profile picture and let your team in organizations and workspaces see your pretty face.
  • Raw data download. Your survey’s raw data can now be downloaded as a CSV file. Plus, all downloads, Excel, SPSS and CSV, have a number of options on what data to include, e.g. only respondents marked as “completed” or for a certain time period. Finally, PRO+ users can generate a permanent link that allows downloading the raw data as a CSV file outside of Enalyzer.

We have big plans for 2019 – seriously – so keep an eye out for bigger and better things. We can’t wait for 2019. Happy holidays!

→ Do you have any ideas? Please share them with us!

When and why you should add your survey into your website?

Want to gather information from your website visitors? Embed your surveys, forms, and quizzes on your website and collect data…

Want to gather information from your website visitors? Embed your surveys, forms, and quizzes on your website and collect data from the right people.

Email distribution remains the most popular way to attract respondents since you can invite the exact audience whose input you desire and track their participation. However, we must not overlook the advantages other survey distribution methods have, for example, embedding.

With Enalyzer, you don’t need to be a website developer. Simply add a tag to your website’s HTML and you’re good to go.

When should I embed?

There are plenty of scenarios where embedding is beneficial, here are just a few:


This could be anything from event registration, to newsletter subscription, to job applications. If you have a detailed post about an upcoming event or are look to hire new people, you’ll see more and better results if they can register right then and there, instead of being redirected elsewhere. We recommend a standard embed.

  1. Go to collect in your survey and select the website collector
  2. Copy/paste the tag in your website’s HTML
  3. Click on standard embed and define its size
  4. Click ‘get code’ and place it where you want to embed your survey in your site
  5. Once satisfied, activate the website collector


Make it easy for customers to contact you directly in every single platform, for example, people can now message you directly on Facebook. But why is it that the majority of companies think it’s enough to just list their phone number/email? Whether it’s a contact or a feedback form, we advise that you make it visible and accessible by adding a button on the corner of your website.

  1. Go to collect in your survey and select the website collector
  2. Copy/paste the tag in your website’s HTML
  3. Click on ‘button’ and design it to fit your brand. The button will be on the bottom right corner of your website.
  4. Once satisfied, activate the website collector

Website insights

The best place to gather thoughts and comments about your website and blog is at the scene of the crime (was that too gory?). This could be collecting feedback on recently redesigned pages, purchase experience, overall impressions. For this, we recommend pop-up surveys.

  1. Go to collect in your survey and select the website collector
  2. Copy/paste the tag in your website’s HTML
  3. Click on ‘pop-up’, insert the text, design it to fit your brand, and define the second delay.
  4. Once satisfied, activate the website collector

→ Create a FREE account and start adding your survey to your website!

How Enalyzer helps a film festival triple their efficiency and engage their audience

In 1986, MIX CPH screened six films. This year, that number has increased to 102 films. How would you like…

In 1986, MIX CPH screened six films. This year, that number has increased to 102 films. How would you like to manage that festival?

The MIX CPH team handles everything related to film curation, event planning, and marketing. Their biggest challenge boils down to limited resources. That’s because, for 33 years, MIX CPH has been 100% volunteer-driven and non-profit, so the big question is: how do you keep delivering quality with a limited budget, time and volunteers?

You start enalyzing.

Keeping volunteers happy

As an entirely volunteer-driven festival, MIX CPH puts special focus on the well-being, engagement, and satisfaction of the entire team. They want to ensure that planning Denmark’s third largest film festival is something enjoyable and fulfilling. How do they do it? Surveys, of course! But it wasn’t always that smooth.

“Last year, we sent out a set of questions via email to all the volunteers and they sent their replies to me, which of course I kept confidentially. Why did we do it like this? I don’t know. But needless to say that it’s easier with Enalyzer”

– Sara Sørensen, Head of Volunteers at MIX CPH.

MIX CPH now sends out an anonymous Enalyzer survey to all their volunteers twice a year. They can now compare results from previous periods, for example, their mid-year evaluation results with the end of the year evaluation results.

“With Enalyzer reports, we can see if our decisions are having a positive or negative impact on people’s stress level, workload, engagement, etc. It gives us a clear overview of whether or not we’re meeting our goals and allows us to make smarter decisions for current and future volunteers”

– Sara

Apart from the all-year-round volunteers, MIX CPH recruits volunteers that help with practical stuff during the festival, such as bartending for parties, program distribution, and more. Their evaluations are now being handled via Enalyzer as well.

“We have a high turnover of volunteers which can lead to enormous knowledge drain. Having all this data available in reports can easily paint a picture of things that have worked and not worked in the past, making decision making more informed and easier.”

– Sara

What’s a festival without awards?

MIX CPH decided to run their very popular Audience Award and some competitions on their social media, using Enalyzer!

“We had to drop the Audience Award last year because we didn’t have enough volunteers to handle the voting. With Enalyzer, we created a gorgeous survey and added it to our website and we can gladly say that the Audience Award is back!”

– Gintaras Vagelas, Head of Program

In a couple of minutes, they set up a simple, yet effective, survey and embedded it on their website where their audience could vote for their favorite films. The winners this year was George Michael Freedom: The Director’s Cut.

Removing human error and saving time

MIX CPH works hard to bring the best contemporary LGBTQ+ films to Denmark; this means they have to do extensive research of other film festivals. They also receive multiple daily submissions all year round. So how did they use to handle this?

“We need to know everything about a film: title, available formats, production year, director, production country, and more. Before we started using Enalyzer, those submitting films sent us an email with all the information we needed. The responsible for submissions had to manually type this information in our database – it took forever.”

– Gintaras

So what did the program group do? They found Enalyzer and Zapier.

They set up a submission form using Enalyzer, where directors, producers, distributors, or whoever is submitting their film can fill in the necessary information. They placed the form on their website and social media. Instead of getting emails, all the information they needed was now stored in their Enalyzer accounts. The next step was to set up some Zaps.

Having to enter the data into their database and answering submission emails took too much time, and as volunteers, this is a limited resource. That’s why they set up two Zaps, so when someone submits a film, Zapier automatically creates it in the MIX CPH Airtable database and sends a confirmation email to whoever submitted the film.

“Needless to say that we were all very excited about this solution. Instead of waiting for someone to insert the films, which can sometimes take a couple of days, our database is now continuously updated. We have more time to do what we do best, watch films!”

– Gintaras

Quiz competitions!

“It’s a fun way to give out some nice presents, do some PR for our films and engage our audience.”

– Iris Wenander, Head of PR/Web.

The PR team decided to use the Enalyzer Score Calculator feature to create some fun quiz competitions for their participants! The quiz had fun questions about MIX CPH 2018 film program, which helped create awareness of their films as well as reward their audience with some goodie bags!


What about you? How can you use Enalyzer to increase productivity? Create a FREE account and start enalyzing!

Add free Unsplash images to all your Enalyzer surveys

Visuals are everything. With images, you can better engage your audience while expressing your brand identity. We have a highly-skilled, amazingly…

Visuals are everything. With images, you can better engage your audience while expressing your brand identity. We have a highly-skilled, amazingly talented design team *humble brag* that make our Enalyzer surveys, quizzes and forms look professional and eye-catching. But we know that not everyone has access to a professional photographer or graphic designer. This is unfair. Everyone should be able to create stunning surveys. So, we fixed it.

We’ve teamed up with leading image provider, Unsplash, to give you access to over 550,000 high-resolution images right inside your Enalyzer account – for free. Did you get that? Adding a stunning background image to your survey is as easy as adding a question.

To give you complete control, we have also added the possibility to stretch the images, so they take up the entire screen regardless of the device. Remember, Enalyzer is 100% responsive, which means it adapts to all screen sizes and now so do your images! You can also fix images positions, so even if the respondent has to scroll through a page of questions, your images will be fixed. Finally, you can select the alignment of images as well as tile them or not.

About Unsplash
Unsplash provides a huge library of free, do-whatever-you-want high-resolution photos. Thousands are added every day by a community of over 90,000 photographers and creators. Unsplash is trusted by tons of businesses, probably some of your favorite ones, such as Squarespace, Trello, Slack and Medium.

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Create engaging online order forms with Enalyzer

Online order forms should engage people. They should attempt to imitate an offline experience as much as possible and they…

Online order forms should engage people. They should attempt to imitate an offline experience as much as possible and they are an integral part of a satisfactory customer experience. When customers browse your online store and are ready to purchase your goods or services, they should be met with hospitality and be attracted by your products/services, just as they would in a face-to-face interaction.

Calculate prices

If you’re selling more than one product or service then you need a form that can dynamically add up prices as the customer places their order. Enalyzer’s Calculator feature allows you to easily set these calculations up and merge the total score wherever you want. So, when your customer is done placing their order, you can direct them to an end page showing the total amount to be paid.

Brand everything about your form

Your brand should be part of your online order form. Use Enalyzer design features to add background images, change the font, and add images, videos, and even GIFs. If you’re looking for stock images, we’re glad to tell you that we’ve partnered up with Unsplash to bring over half a million high-res photos to use free of cost as your background image.

With Enalyzer, you can use other question types to further engage customers and elevate their experience. For example, display your products with image choice questions. If you allow users to upload their own designs, for example, printing logos on different merchandise, you can use an image upload question that allows them to upload the design they want to be printed.

Take customers down their own paths

Show custom messages depending on customers’ choices. Maybe an item is sold out, instead of removing it from your form, you can create a condition and show them a page informing them of when the item will be available again or ask for their email so you can inform them of its availability. Another option would be to redirect them to a page recommending other items they might be interested in based on their current basket. There are plenty of options!

Get notified when someone places an order

When a customer places an order, you need to be notified immediately. With Enalyzer, you can tag incoming responses and be notified when they come in. How? Let’s take the Business Card order form as an example, you can create a category for every package you provide and enable notifications. When someone places an order, you will be notified by email and are able to see the entire order.

Send invoices instantly

Just as in physical stores, when customers are ready to pay, they want to do it as fast as possible. Therefore after placing an order, they need an invoice immediately – like super fast!

Don’t freak out, Enalyzer, Zapier and 1000+ apps, aka the holy trinity of productivity, has the solution. By connecting your Enalyzer account to another app via Zapier, your customers will receive an invoice instantly after clicking submit my order.

How does it work? With more than 1000 apps, the possibilities are endless but we have a couple of examples.

Webshop apps.

We know what you’re thinking if I have a webshop, why do I need an online order form? Plenty of reasons! For example, in case you don’t accept online payments or you need to contact your customers before the payment, a webshop checkout process might not be convenient. Instead, they can fill out your order form, you can assess their order and continue to the payment process later. With Zapier, you can connect your webshop, e.g. Shopify, to your Enalyzer account, so when customers place an order via your Enalyzer form, Zapier creates an order in Shopify.


Invoice apps.

Maybe you have an independent website and use invoice platforms to manage all your invoices. No problem, we can handle that too. If you’re using an invoice app, such as Xero, Invoice Ninja or Wave you can connect them to Enalyzer and achieve the same result. A customer places an order via your Enalyzer form, Zapier creates an invoice in your app – voila!


Even simpler.

Have you heard of Webmerge? They automatically generate PDF and Word DOCX documents merged with data from other web services. Create a simple WebMerge template, sync it up with your Enalyzer account via Zapier. And instant invoices!

Need inspiration?

Online order forms are great. Having a tool that can make your online form feel like an online shop is better. To give you a sense of what you can accomplish, we recommend you have a look at Enalyzer’s order form templates.

This template allows customers to make an online hair appointment. It gives customers the chance to book the time and date of the appointment, the service and the stylist. Enalyzer’s Calculator shows the price to be paid after the appointment at the end of the form.

→ Test template

→ Get template

This template is a great example of a professional looking order form aiming to sell business cards packages with different designs that can be customized with a profile picture and logo. Enalyzer’s Calculator shows the final price of the purchase at the end of the form.

→ Test template

→ Get template


→ Learn how to use the Enalyzer Calculator!


Make an impact with images and videos in your surveys and reports

When most people hear “survey”, they imagine a page or series of pages filled with rating scale questions asking them…

When most people hear “survey”, they imagine a page or series of pages filled with rating scale questions asking them if they strongly agree or disagree. And we can’t blame them. Despite the available technology, most surveys are imitations of the good-old paper questionnaire. Now, don’t get us wrong, for many purposes this format works but don’t underestimate the power of videos and images. Multimedia engages an audience and can contribute to a coherent brand that is more likely to be remembered.

Enalyzer offers many ways to add videos and images to your surveys.

Clickable images

To engage respondents with the subject of your survey, you can present questions in a more colorful and interactive way. With Enalyzer, you can add image choice questions which allow you to add images as response options serving as a great alternative to multiple choice questions.

Interactive rating scales

Instead of a basic scale from 1-7, with Enalyzer, you can have a rating scale that features icons such as stars, smileys, and hearts. If you’re asking respondents to rate movies or a restaurant, they might be more inclined and engaged if they can provide a 5-star rating than just clicking on “I really liked it”.

Videos for better feedback

Questions can benefit from a visual component, actually, adding multimedia to your online surveys can improve your response rate, represent your brand, engage your audience, and more! If you think images can convey complex messages, the power of videos will blow your mind. For example, you can add training videos and test your respondents based on those or you can showcase your branding videos and receive feedback from test groups. With Enalyzer, you can add videos and images as independent elements and match them with one question or a series of questions.

Did you know?

One of the many benefits of adding videos to your survey is that it allows participants to stop and rewind so they can give feedback as they go.

… and for better reports

Make your reports more attractive with images and videos. Adding your company’s logo or an introductory picture can take your report from simple to professional in seconds. You can also make them more interactive with videos, for example, if you added a video showing your website when surveying respondents, you can add the same video to your report, so report readers can understand the context of the feedback they’re about to read.

Bonus info: think first impressions

Before respondents read an introduction to your survey or any of your questions, they will see your invitation and survey design. These are just as important as everything else. With Enalyzer, you can create nice, clean and uncluttered survey invitations and reminders. You can also make your surveys look professional and stand out with background images, logos, colors, and fonts. With the design possibilities, you can create professional looking surveys with Enalyzer that make a lasting impression. These will engage your audience from the start, ensuring a higher probability of your respondents completing your survey. Enalyzer is 100% responsive, which means it adapts to any and all screen sizes, this includes your logo and any multimedia you’ve added to your survey.

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Stay alert with immediate notifications on incoming responses to your survey

With Enalyzer’s categories and notifications, you can tag responses and receive email notifications when incoming responses match your criteria. This…

With Enalyzer’s categories and notifications, you can tag responses and receive email notifications when incoming responses match your criteria. This way, you can stay on top of incoming responses and react to them immediately. Does this sound useful but abstract? Well, it doesn’t have to be. To help you make better decisions, we’ve compiled 3 useful examples that you can use as inspiration.

Customer satisfaction score (CSAT)

CSAT is a broad term that encompasses various types of methods and survey questions to assess the satisfaction level customers have of your product/service or interaction with your company. Depending on your goals and objectives, your customer satisfaction survey can range from a single question, a set of questions, or a long survey. Nevertheless, the following question, or a similar one, should always be included:

“How would you describe your overall satisfaction with this product?”

Once you’ve done that, depending on your chosen scale, you can categorize your respondents into supporters, neutrals, and critics. You can activate notifications for the supporter and critic categories and be alerted on the incoming responses that match this criteria. In other words, from then on, you’ll get email notifications whenever a customer is satisfied or dissatisfied with your service/product and contact them instantly.



Expense reimbursement

When employees spend their own hard earned cash on business-related expenses, they have to be reimbursed. Didn’t you know that? Awkward… Anyway, this can include business travels, lunches and/or transport. Many companies have an Excel template that employees have to use every time they need to be reimbursed, however, with Enalyzer you can make this easier for everyone involved. As the HR responsible, set up a reimbursement survey where you ask about the type of expense, employee details and an expense amount. Once you’ve done this, set up a category based on the expense type to keep a tidy overview. Enable email notifications and you’ll know when someone needs to be reimbursed. No more Excel. You’re welcome.

Répondez s’il vous plaît

You are planning an event, for example, your birthday and you’d like to know who is coming and if they’re bringing +1s, so you naturally set up a quick survey to handle the RSVPs. Divide your guests into three categories, those that are attending, those bringing +1s and those who are not attending. Once you’ve done that, you can enable email notifications on all or some of the categories and keep up with your growing guest list!

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Optimize your customer journey touchpoints

Marketing has one job and that is to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions, these are…

Marketing has one job and that is to reach consumers at the moments that most influence their decisions, these are known as touchpoints. Touchpoints are anytime a potential or existing customer comes in contact with your brand, before, during or after their purchase. Touchpoints can include your website, retail stores, and social media. Every single touchpoint presents a valuable opportunity to engage with your customers, listen to what they have to say and use their feedback in order to optimize your customer journey.

The number of touchpoints can be endless but it doesn’t have to feel endless. Actually, by automatizing work processes with Enalyzer and Zapier, you can optimize your entire customer journey and deliver better customer experience. It will also make your job as a marketer easier – what’s not to like?

The perfect combo: Enalyzer + Zapier

You can’t improve your customer journey if you don’t have a holistic idea of how your customers are experiencing your brand at every touchpoint. With Enalyzer, you can collect and analyze customer feedback, helping you know better and make better decisions to improve customer experience.

Zapier is a web automation tool that connects Enalyzer with 1000+ apps. This means you can connect Enalyzer with the apps you use every day to connect with your customers. Use Enalyzer and Zapier to automize your customer touchpoints.

The consumer decision journey

The customer decision journey can help you identify your touchpoints. This is the first step towards ensuring your customers are satisfied every step of the way. To break it down and ensure you don’t miss anything, you can use the 5 stages of the model:

1. Initial consideration: the consumer considers an initial set of brands based on brand perceptions and exposure to recent touch points.

2. Active evaluation: the consumer participates in active evaluation where they add or subtract brands as they evaluate what they want.

3. Brand selection: involves the moment of purchase where the consumer selects a brand.

4. Post-purchase experience: the consumer evaluates their post-purchase experience, the consumer builds expectations base on experience to inform the next decision journey.

5. Loyalty loop: if the post-purchase experience is positive there is a high probability for the consumers to enter the loyalty loop. Once loyalty is achieved, the consumer enters the circular model and goes straight to stage 3 – the moment of purchase.

Did you know?

As with everything else, marketing has developed, advanced and become more complex. One of the strengths of the consumer decision journey is that it tailors to any geographic market that has different kinds of media, internet access, and wide product choice.



Grow your mailing lists

A great way to increase brand awareness is to deliver free content and build a relationship with potential customers. Newsletters and email marketing is a cost-effective way to do this, however, to deliver these you need a way to build and store a contact list. With Enalyzer, you can create a signup form for those interested in your content and have Zapier automatically add them to your email marketing app, such as MailChimp or Sendgrid.

Webinar signup

Webinars are an excellent way to get exposure, deliver quality free content and place your brand as the thought leader in your industry. Create a signup form with Enalyzer, and Zapier can automatically transfer new signups to a webinar app of your choice.


Use feedback to create personalized content

By providing personalized and tailored content, you are letting potential customers know that you have the solutions to their problems and thus enter their evaluation stage. But how? Easy, the second someone enters your mailing list, Zapier sends them your Enalyzer survey. You can report on the feedback continuously and tailor your content to your audience’s interest and behavior.

Evaluate your sales meetings

Feedback from sales meetings will help you identify early warning signs and areas with potential for improvement. By addressing these, you can increase sales while keeping your prospects and leads happy. Use Enalyzer’s Sales Meeting Evaluation template and customize the design to fit your brand. With Zapier, you can automatically transfer the responses to a messaging app or email service in real time!

Optimize your ticketing system

Enalyzer makes it simple to create powerful feedback forms and Zapier can take those responses and send them directly to your ticketing system or email. Now you only have to worry about providing excellent customer support.


Keep your leads in one place

You can create a simple contact form with Enalyzer but instead of creating a database manually, Zapier can automatically store these leads in your preferred CRM system, such as Salesforce or even Google Sheets! Keeping track of potential customers has never been easier.

Make it simple to order online

Make sure that your customers can order online from anywhere by creating an order form with Enalyzer. After setting up this automation, Zapier will automatically create a new order on your webshop, e.g. Shopify or Shipstation.


Ask for their post-purchase feedback

It’s important that you understand your customer’s purchase experience in order to improve it and ensure loyalty in the future. Instead of figuring out the best time to send a survey, you can automize this process with Zapier. Create a feedback survey with Enalyzer and Zapier will send your survey after the customer purchase has gone through. To make it even better, you can add a delay step, so customer’s get the survey after they’ve received their purchase.

Track your Net Promoter Score®

The NPS metric is an effective metric to measure customer loyalty. Create an NPS survey using Enalyzer and connect your account with a messaging app via Zapier. This way, you can stay updated in real-time with your customers’ feedback and react immediately. However, don’t forget that with Enalyzer you can track your NPS over time, giving you a holistic idea of your customers’ loyalty development and progression.


Tweet positive reviews

Once a customer has entered the loyalty loop, they will choose you again and again and even promote your brand to their network. Why not capitalize on that by spreading the good word to Twitter? Create a satisfaction survey with Enalyzer and Zapier will post the positive reviews to Twitter after they’ve been filtered through whatever criteria you define.

Use loyal customer to raise awareness

Social media is powerful but don’t forget about review sites. Create a satisfaction survey with Enalyzer, and Zapier will send your customers an invitation to leave a review on Trustpilot or Feefo. This is an easy way to increase your reviews and improve awareness of your product.

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Automize your entire HR process and increase engagement with Enalyzer

What if we told you that with Enalyzer’s surveys and reports you can implement and track your employee experience in a…

What if we told you that with Enalyzer’s surveys and reports you can implement and track your employee experience in a cost-effective way? Before we get into it, let’s talk about why it’s important.

Companies with a strong base of loyal customers have one thing in common: highly engaged employees. If your employees are engaged, they will perform at every level, delivering a better product and customer service to your customers. In short: customer experience is a direct result of your employee experience. That’s it, we just thought you should know that our job here is done. Thank you and goodnight!

Just kidding. Employee engagement is becoming increasingly complex and there’s a need for new tools and processes in order to improve it. Unfortunately, there’s sometimes a discrepancy between employee’s wants and needs and HR objectives. Many HR leaders have not made employee experience a priority and even when they do, they do not have the tools available to execute it. To throw salt on the wound, the job isn’t getting any easier. Organizations are quickly switching to team-based structures, making the employee experience more important but also more complex for HR to monitor and improve.

Sounds complicated but it is far from impossible. Actually, by connecting Enalyzer with the multitude of tools available today, you can create an engaging environment for everyone.

Meet your new allies: Enalyzer and Zapier

Introducing the perfect combo: Enalyzer, Zapier, and 1000+ apps. Enalyzer is an excellent tool for collecting and analyzing data, helping you know better and make better decisions. Your employee experience should meet your employees’ wants and needs and you can’t do that without collecting and analyzing their feedback.

Zapier is a web automation tool that connects Enalyzer with 1000+ apps. This means you can connect Enalyzer with the apps you and your employees use every day and automize everything. Win meet win.

The employee lifecycle

The employee lifecycle (ELC) is one of the most used HR models and can be used to identify the different stages in an employee’s career to help guide management. The stages are attraction, recruitment, onboarding, development, retention, and separation.


The ELC does not equal employee experience, but rather is part of it. So use it as a template to assess key touchpoints, but always remember that employee experience is the responsibility of leaders and it is always present.

Now that you are equipped with your new powerful allies, you can optimize and automate almost everything about the cycle, making your life and those of your employee’s easier. We’ve broken down the different stages of the ELC and given you some examples for you to get started right away. These are just a few examples of the millions of combinations you can make with Enalyzer, so if you’re app isn’t there, simply head over to Zapier to find more!


Optimize the application and hiring process

When it comes to recruitment there are two groups you need to think about, employees in charge of the recruiting process and the new recruits. Did you know that on average, 250 resumes are sent for a corporate application? With Enalyzer, you can have applicants upload their resumes to your survey and have it all in one place. With Zapier, you can transfer their applications to a project management app and use your time selecting the right person for the job. For example, by transferring your applications from Enalyzer to Trello via Zapier, you can create an easy-to-use recruitment board as seen below.

Plan for future recruitment

We’ve all been there, there’s a great applicant but they’re not fit for the position and you make a mental note to write to them once a new position opens… but it never happens. Instead, collect all the emails addresses with Enalyzer and automatically add them to a mailing list using Zapier. Once a new position opens, let them know!

Start off on the right foot

Give them a warm welcome. Enalyzer is more than surveys, you can easily make an interactive welcome message that thanks to Zapier can be automatically sent to new hires once they’re added to your HR administration app.


Make introductions less awkward

Employee onboarding should always be a focus, the faster you get them up to speed the quicker they can be a productive member of your organization. Plus, if you don’t have a plan for onboarding, you risk losing new employees. Remember: effective onboarding saves money and builds loyalty.

It’s your first day and you get introduced to the entire office and somehow you’re not only supposed to remember their names and faces but also what they do… no pressure. Collect information from everyone at the office with a quick Enalyzer survey and transfer the information with Zapier to create a company directory that will massively reduce the awkward “what was her name again?” situations. With 76% of new hires feeling socialization is most important, this smart integration can easily increase engagement.

Check the pulse of new hires

How do you know if your onboarding program is working? By asking your employees. Create a pulse survey on the onboarding processes that you can send to new hires, do this at frequent intervals using this Zap, e.g. once every two weeks or once a month. Analyze your results and improve your program using Enalyzer’s reporting tool. Remember to also have face-to-face meetings with them based on the feedback they’ve provided.


Assess your team’s development

Showing your employees that you care and encourage their development can do wonders for their engagement and productivity since it boosts morale while gives them the tools to deliver. Enalyzer makes it easy to assess your team’s knowledge. By sending regular test surveys, you can analyze the data in Enalyzer and identify trends of areas that need improving. With Zapier, you can get an overview of their answers via email or a messaging app and keep a well-organized overview.


Constant feedback through pulse surveys

Losing an employee is bad for business. Research consistently finds that employee retention is the key to maintaining know-how and increasing morale, customer satisfaction, and sales. Constantly measure morale and ask for employee feedback, since they need to know that not because they’re not new anymore they’re not appreciated. Build a pulse survey and analyze the feedback using Enalyzer. Zapier makes it easy to send pulse surveys regularly. Remember that retention needs action, so always follow-up!


Ask why

Employees leave and you have to accept that, but don’t let their knowledge leave with them. They may leave for a multitude of reasons, lack of advancement options, mismanagement, and general job dissatisfaction. Exit surveys give you the feedback you need to ensure current, valuable employees don’t leave. Use this Zap to send automatic exit surveys to those employees that are leaving the company. Use Enalyzer to analyze all the feedback you get and optimize the experience for current employees.


Attraction is known as the first stage of the ELC, which is silly because the model is a circular process and not a linear one… but I digress. The attraction stage refers to the power your brand has to, funny enough, attract people. It doesn’t matter how great your product or service is, if you can’t attract talent you will fail over time. The attraction stage takes place all the time since it refers to your employer brand, which is being perceived as a great workplace by everyone, current and former employees, stakeholders, your neighbor – you get the picture.

Implementing some, if not all, the aforementioned processes will contribute to your company’s employer brand. It will send an image to those inside and outside your company that you care for employees and their well-being. For example, if someone doesn’t get hired while you’re recruiting but gets a sense that her application was treated properly and professionally and even gets a email with open positions in the future, she will attach good feelings and opinions to your company.

→ Automate everything with Enalyzer and Zapier

The evolution of employee experience

Generally, HR departments focus on issues such as engagement, career development, rewards, etc. separately. These programs have their own set of tools for measuring, monitoring and assessing. However, these different factors are all part of a bigger concept – employee experience. Employee experience sees all aspects of the employee’s satisfaction, engagement and wellness as being interconnected. But how did we get here?

As with everything, the business world evolves and changes. Today, we are seeing a shift from organizational priorities towards a people-centric approach that puts emphasis on experiences. Decades ago, the relationship between employer and employee was straightforward. Employers needed employees and employees had bills to pay and certain skills to offer. Therefore, the focus was on functionality – the employee needed the adequate tools to carry out her work. Bringing up “out there” ideas such as flexible working arrangements would’ve gotten you laughed out the door. Don’t take our word for it, ask your grandparents.

Employers moved on to focus on productivity, however, once technology came into the picture and started optimizing productivity, employers now found themselves focusing on engagement. This shift made the relationship between employer and employee a two-way street, and employers found themselves emphasizing on what the organizations could do for employers.

Which brings up to today, where the buzz word is employee experience. Employees are unable to compartmentalize their experiences and therefore, their experience with your organization entails everything from culture to physical environments.

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It’s all about first impressions: the importance of email copywriting

Looks don’t matter? Try again. First impressions are crucial at job interviews, first dates, meeting the in-laws and when inviting…

Looks don’t matter? Try again. First impressions are crucial at job interviews, first dates, meeting the in-laws and when inviting people to answer your survey.

Looks are not the only thing that matters, true, however, all the time you’ve spent crafting your survey invitation and reminder won’t matter if your invitation doesn’t grab people’s attention. Plus, you have crafted a visual identity for your brand that should shine through in everything you produce, including your survey invitations and reminders.

Wait… does that involve some sort of knowledge in HTML?

Nope, at least not with Enalyzer. We decided to make it as simple as possible for you, without compromising on your ability to make your brand shine. You can easily add your brand’s colors, fonts, and logos for a professional and enticing eye-catching design. This goes for survey invitations and reminders.

As with everything, your invitations and reminders are 100% responsive so your respondents can be wowed regardless of the device they are using. Last but not least, instead of creating new designs from scratch every time you send out a survey, you can reuse your messages.

Pro tip

Include your survey into a workspace and your teammates will have access to its invitation and reminder messages.

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Schedule your entire survey

With surveys, timing is everything. Poorly scheduled surveys can lead to a low response rate and render your hard work irrelevant…

With surveys, timing is everything. Poorly scheduled surveys can lead to a low response rate and render your hard work irrelevant so it’s important that you create a timeline for when your survey opens/closes, as well as when to send survey invitations and reminders. Woah – sounds time-consuming, but what if we told you that all of this can be done automatically? With Enalyzer, you can schedule everything and the setup will only take 2 minutes.

Timing is everything

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, before setting everything up, you need to create a timeline. It’s important that you consider the time when your target group checks their email AND have time to answer your survey. The longer your survey invitation sits in their inbox, the lower the chances are for an answer. Nowadays, thanks to smartphones, people are notified of their incoming emails all the time so you need to think of your respondents’ availability.

Remember to remind

We’ve praised reminders before because they are an effective way of boosting your response rate. Yes, even a well-scheduled survey needs reminders. Reminders are not meant to convince those who don’t want to participate in your survey, but rather to give those people who forgot the chance to participate. Therefore, timing also applies to your reminders.

It wouldn’t make sense to send your reminders the same day of the week as your survey invitations. Humans are creatures of habit so if many of your respondents were too busy to answer on a Wednesday, they will most likely be busy again the following Wednesday. Instead, consider sending your reminder another day of the week.

Pro tip

We recommend you send two reminders, one halfway through the survey process and one a couple of days before the survey ends.

Make your life easier

Now that you have a schedule for your surveys and reminders, you are finally ready to send out your survey. With Enalyzer, you can easily and quickly schedule…

In other words, once you’ve set all of this up, you just have to create your report, sit back and watch your results come in.

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Looking back at 2017: new features and updates

We’ve been working non-stop this entire year on new features and updates to make data collection easier and smarter for…

We’ve been working non-stop this entire year on new features and updates to make data collection easier and smarter for you. To go out with a bang, we’ve brought you a roundup of features we released in 2017 that you may have missed.

End pages

Thanking your respondents for completing your survey is not something that should be overlooked, that’s why we introduced end pages and these bad boys serve several purposes. Not only can you create customized messages to thank your respondents for taking the time to complete your survey but you can also redirect them to any URL, this could be your website, blog or another survey. You know what else? You can add social media icons to end pages and allow respondents to share your survey with their networks.

Zapier integrations

We were (and still are) really excited about this one! We partnered up with Zapier so you can connect your Enalyzer account with 1000+ apps and automize all your work processes.

Whether you just made a sale on Shopify or you’ve added a new contact to your Google Sheets database, Zapier integrations make follow-up surveys easier and faster. While data is being transferred, you can spend your time analyzing your data as it comes in – all with Enalyzer’s real-time updated reports.

Here are some Zap templates to get you quickly started:

Importing background information

Background variables are excellent for digging into data and working with these shouldn’t be complicated. We added a step to the invitation flow, so now you can easily import a .csv file with all the background information you have on your respondents such as department, seniority, and customer ID. If you’ve already added these to your survey, simply map the .csv fields to the existing survey variables and voilá – all your respondent’s data where it needs to be.

File and image upload

Pretty straightforward, with these question types, your respondents can upload files and images to your survey. Create a job application form, where applicants can upload their CVs or create a feedback form that allows people to upload screenshots and better explain their queries. You’ll get the perfect overview of the uploaded files in your reports and raw data files, as well as the possibility to download them straight to whatever device you’re working on.


Teamwork is slowly becoming the lay of the land, which means that your online tools need to follow suit and accommodate complex teamwork scenarios. With workspaces, you can share surveys and reports with your teammates across accounts. Simply create a workspace, invite your team and start sharing your surveys and reports so everyone in the workspace can edit each other’s work.


Many of our users told us they needed a way to protect their data from employee turnover and centralize in one place. We listened and create organizations. Create an organization, invite all your employees and any surveys and reports they make will stay in one place. As the administrator of the organization, you will have access to all the content and workspaces created. The best part is that when employees leave, all the content they’ve created will stay in your organization.

Miscellaneous releases

Some releases aren’t large enough to deserve their own section but they are nonetheless worth a mention.

  • Share your survey on social media. With 1 click, you can now share your survey with different networks on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Check it out.
  • Enalyzer is now in German! We’re always looking to expand and make Enalyzer available to as many users as possible. 2017 was the year we added German to our family.
  • Two-factor authentication. It provides an extra layer of security for your Enalyzer account by protecting it with both your password and your phone. Learn more.
  • View individual answers. Click on a respondent in your respondent list and view their answers. Here’s how to do it.
  • Mail your invoices. You can now automatically have your invoices sent to whoever you want, for example, the accounting department. Go go go!

Wait, there’s more…

We’re constantly releasing new features to ensure you have all the tools necessary to make better decisions for your business, employees, and customers. Aligned with this, we’re also looking to improve and update current features and this year was no exception.

Time series and counter charts

Time series allow you to follow the development of a variable throughout time so you can identify trends and effects of decisions. For example, you can follow your customer satisfaction score over time and see what changes affect it, e.g. more support agents lead to quicker response time and thus more satisfied customers – this will be reflected in your time series charts. Sounds great, right? Well, this is all possible now because time series are applicable to all relevant question types so you can track anything you want! We’ve done the same with counter charts, so now you can count anything you want, for example, your detractors, passives, and promoters when measuring your NPS®.


Some people, when they first see your survey invitation have all the intention to answer it but are unable to do so right away and then simply forget. Reminders give them a second chance to participate in your survey. This powerful feature is now also available for anonymous surveys!

Did you know?

Hard works pays off cause we made it into Capterra’s Top 20+ Most Affordable Survey Software. Here’s what Liann Mosier, Product Report Specialist at Capterra had to say:

We published a report that highlights the top 20 survey software based on affordability. Our affordability score is determined by an algorithm that includes features offered, cost of those features, and actual customer reviews which are compiled from across all Gartner Digital Markets (including GetApp, SoftwareAdvice, and Capterra). Enalyzer offered all 15 features that we identified crucial to survey software which helped them rank in the top 10.”

If you agree with Liann or have something to add, help us spread the word and leave a review.

We’ve got tons of new features planned for 2018 and our Dev team is already busy designing and building them – stay tuned.