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Employee Engagement Survey

Employee engagement surveys can give your organization valuable insight into how happy and engaged your employees are, as well as…

Employee engagement surveys can give your organization valuable insight into how happy and engaged your employees are, as well as how they thrive in the workplace. Understanding and actively working to improve employee engagement is key, as engagement is a vital driving force for the innovative ability of a company. In other words, employees’ well-being and engagement simply reflect in their work.

Employee engagement surveys looks into different aspects such as, motivation, satisfaction, leadership, loyalty and engagement, depending on the specific organization’s needs. Information gained through employee engagement surveys is crucial, as numerous studies have shown that there is a direct relationship between employee satisfaction/engagement and the financial success of the given company. This is amongst other reasons due to follow up initiatives made by the organizations, decreasing sick leave and increasing employee motivation and engagement.

Furthermore, Enalyzer’s Employee Engagement (E3) study, a benchmark study we conduct every year, has shown that there is a positive correlation between employee engagement and organizations that perform employee surveys.


In for a penny, in for a pound

However, this improvement in employee satisfaction is not exclusively achieved by performing employee engagement surveys. Instead, these surveys have to be followed up by concrete plans of action in an attempt to create better working conditions. If this is not done, the organization risks a negative effect in employee satisfaction. By participating in the study, the individual employee shows trust and interest in improving their workplace. If this interest is not met by the organization in the form of follow up initiatives, the employees will inherently feel a sense of indifference, which can ultimately result in a deteriorated impression of their employer and work satisfaction overall. The logic is simple: employee engagement can be seen as important tools providing insight needed for action. However, without this following action, the full potential of the tool is not obtained, which is also evident in the findings from the E3 study.  


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About the study

The study is based on a representative sample in regards to gender, age, region and industry and includes responses from more than 5.000 Danish employees.


The study is based on a scale from 1-7, where 1=”Strongly disagree” and 7=”Strongly agree”. The respondents have also had the option of answering “do not know”.

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