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Enalyzer 2018: Year in review

We’re closing in on the end of the year, so we thought we would sum up 2018’s highlights, i.e. the…

We’re closing in on the end of the year, so we thought we would sum up 2018’s highlights, i.e. the features and updates made in 2018 that you absolutely need to know about. Maybe you missed some?

Score Calculator

Enalyzer’s score calculator is the perfect feature for making quizzes, online order forms and more. You can calculate scores for answers in quizzes or total up prices on an order form. Our score calculator, allows you to apply calculations and a score/price to your questions. Each response alternative to a question can be given different values, and calculations can be made on those values. Additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions can be made on the entire survey.

Background images from Unsplash

With images, you can better engage your audience while expressing your brand identity. We have a highly-skilled, amazingly talented design team that make our Enalyzer surveys, quizzes and forms look professional and eye-catching. But we know that not everyone has access to a professional photographer or graphic designer. This is unfair. Everyone should be able to create stunning surveys. To fix it, we teamed up with leading image provider, Unsplash, to give you access to over 550,000 high-resolution images right inside your Enalyzer account – for free.
To give you complete control, we have also added the possibility to stretch the images, so they take up the entire screen regardless of the device. Remember, Enalyzer is 100% responsive, which means it adapts to all screen sizes and now so do your images! You can also fix images positions, so even if the respondent has to scroll through a page of questions, your images will be fixed. Finally, you can select the alignment of images as well as tile them or not.

Response receipts

Your respondents asked you for the option to view, print, and change their responses and you asked us. A lot. So we brought you the response receipt. As a default, Enalyzer surveys include a response receipt button in the last element of your survey. The response receipt button allows respondents to change their answers, as long as your survey remains open. Regardless of the survey status (open or closed), the response receipt would allow respondents to always view and print their answers.

Wait a sec, what if I don’t want respondents to change their answers? There may be times when you’d like to disable the option for respondents to change their answers, for example, for quizzes! If you are testing people’s knowledge, they shouldn’t be able to go back and change their answers. Of course, we thought of that too, so you can disable this option and still give respondents the option to view and print their answers.

Website collector

Adding surveys, forms and quizzes on websites to collect data has great advantages. We know, you know, so we made it happen! We wanted to deliver something flexible and simple, so that you didn’t have to involve the IT department. Now, you can add your Enalyzer survey as a standard embed, a pop-op or a button, simply add a tag to your website’s HTML, activate the website collector and you’re good to go.

Bulk edits in reports

You created data series for your 2017 results and 2018 results and now you want to use them to benchmark 25 charts but it’s going to have to wait until the next day because you don’t have time to add them manually to every single individual chart. Not anymore!

As long as the setting you want to edit is shared by all charts, for example, all chart types can be displayed as vertical bars, then you can make bulk edits. Save time to do better and more important things, like evolving your business.

Share reports

We updated the way to share reports online. When you share a report online, the report reader has to log into Enalyzer or create an account if they don’t have one to access the report. The benefits? Report administrators now have full control to view their readers, manage their roles, and control their access to the report.

Report versions

When you’re monitoring your data based on different criteria, the last thing you want to do is define your filters each and every time you want to look at your data. With report versions, you can define your filter criteria once and save it for later use, for example, you can have one version filtered through the Brazilian office and another one for the London office.
And to top that, you can share your reports versions with others. In other words, you can share the Brazilian office results with the Brazilian managers and they won’t have access to the results of the other offices.
Oh, it gets better – you can create and share report versions at the same time with a CSV file. So, if you have to create reports for 100 managers, we got you covered. It’s an easy and simple way of controlling who has access to what.

Need help?

Awesome feature releases aren’t the only thing we do. We’ve also updated our consultancy services. We measure and improve customer and employee metrics, such as engagement and loyalty. We work with data which allows us to provide valuable insights that will elevate and improve your business. By pooling together the collective knowledge, experience, and expertise our consultants have to offer, we can identify the issues that need your attention and help you with a strategy and action plan.

Check out our use case catalog and get inspired

With every single project we take on, we focus on listening, delivering and sustaining.
We listen: To ensure that you get the best results to elevate your business, we first have to understand your goals, challenges, needs, expectations, and how you work. Only then can we develop the right solution.
We deliver: For solutions to work, they have to be implemented. We see ourselves as your partners in crime and we’ll make sure you understand the provided insights fully and guide you into implementing change.
We sustain: We deliver sustainable solutions that yield long-term results. To ensure that, we offer training, staying with you over time, and any assistance you may need.

Learn how we can help you!

Honorable mentions

  • Customize the “end survey” button. You can now edit the text of the last button in your survey, some of the most popular uses are: submit, contact us, and thank you.
  • Make a response option exclusive. If you have a multiple choice question that allows for multiple answers, you might want to make one of them exclusive, e.g. “none of the above”.
  • Profile pics. Personalize your Enalyzer account with a profile picture and let your team in organizations and workspaces see your pretty face.
  • Raw data download. Your survey’s raw data can now be downloaded as a CSV file. Plus, all downloads, Excel, SPSS and CSV, have a number of options on what data to include, e.g. only respondents marked as “completed” or for a certain time period. Finally, PRO+ users can generate a permanent link that allows downloading the raw data as a CSV file outside of Enalyzer.

We have big plans for 2019 – seriously – so keep an eye out for bigger and better things. We can’t wait for 2019. Happy holidays!

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