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Achieving high response rates and reliable results in employee surveys

Checklist A well-prepared data collection is to ensure a high response rate in the employee survey and thus provide a…


A well-prepared data collection is to ensure a high response rate in the employee survey and thus provide a more accurate picture of job satisfaction, motivation and commitment at all levels of organizations. It goes without saying that mistakes in the data collection can’t be afforded. Below we have compiled a checklist of tips for how to avoid the traditional pitfalls in relation to data collection questionnaire based employee surveys.

Is the data collection method adapted to the organization?

Typically the choice is between an Internet based survey, paper based questionnaires or a combination of the two methods. Be sure to select the method or combination of methods that provide credibility and confidence in the study to help ensure a high response rate.

Is there a plan for communication before, during and after data collection?

Be sure to inform managers and employees about the survey before it’s sent out.

– What is the purpose of the employee survey?
– Why is it important that they give their opinion?
– How will the results of the employee survey be used?

It’s important that all relevant communication is in place, from the initial briefing on the conduct of the investigation, to the sending of invitations and questionnaires to all employees and the sending of reminders to employees who haven’t responded yet.

Is it possible to continuously monitor the response rate at all levels of the organization? 

Make it possible for managers and employees in the organization to follow the response statistics for all departments/units. This ensures an atmosphere around the employee survey at all levels of the organization and will have a positive effect on the response rate for the employee survey.

Is the organizational structure mapped? 

A prerequisite for the collected responses to be used to develop meaningful and relevant reports, is that there’s a precise and detailed overview of the organizational structure.

– Who reports to whom?
– Which reports need to be prepared?
– Which employees must be included in each report?

A detailed mapping that uniquely answers these questions for managers and employees at all levels of the organization – is a prerequisite for the results to be used constructively in the subsequent reporting and follow-up process.

Is employee anonymity guaranteed? 

In this process it is important to report the structure prepared, so that each employee’s anonymity under no circumstances is compromised.

Employees will only give their true views when they trust the study and the study is conducted in a manner that guarantees absolute anonymity for participants. If there is the slightest uncertainty among employees in relation to the anonymity it will influence the response rate negatively. A central point of communication with an employee survey is that it’s clear and unambiguous how the collected answers will subsequently be processed. Enalyzer Survey Solution ensures all participants in the poll absolute anonymity.


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