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If the customer does not come to you, have you ever considered going to the customer?

A website survey is, as the name suggests, a survey in your website, blog, online store, pretty much any HTTPS…

A website survey is, as the name suggests, a survey in your website, blog, online store, pretty much any HTTPS or WWW. Its purpose is to collect website feedback from your users, readers, customer, subscribers. In short, website surveys are perfect for collecting honest feedback from your target audience because they can find them when and where it’s relevant.

Website surveys are versatile since they take a multitude of forms, from pop-ups to embeds, and can be placed in different places in your site, depending on the pages you want to improve or need feedback on. Website surveys give you an excellent opportunity to learn why visitors visit your site, what they’d like to find, and assess their experience. So, stop guessing and start knowing.

Level up with website surveys 

Whether you want to understand your target audience or increase your conversion rate, forms are versatile tools that can help you get the insight you are looking for and need.

If you want to understand your visitor’s experience of your site, why not add a feedback survey to your website? You can feedback on your navigation, design, user-friendliness, content, and more. A survey like this would normally include questions like:

What brought you to our website? 
Where did you find our website? 
To what extent was it easy to find what you were looking for? 
If there is one thing you would like to change about our website, what would it be?

Conversion rate, the percentage of visitors who take the desired action, is a popular metric to assess growth. The desired action depends completely on your product/service and organization. For example, an online store’s conversion is a purchase, whereas for a social media platform it is creating an account.

If your conversion rate is low or you are not seeing a stable improvement, you can conduct an exit survey that activates after a certain amount of time. Such a survey can give you more insight into why your visitors are hesitating and not converting, and you can use that insight to increase conversions.

The NPS is an extremely popular metric to assess customer loyal and if you know us at all, you know it’s also an Enalyzer favorite. The NPS metrics consists of asking customers one question:

How likely is it that you would recommend this [company/product/service] to a friend or colleague?

Adding a permanent NPS survey to your site, for example, at the bottom of your page allows customers to send you continuous feedback.

Feedback is fantastic, we work with it every day, we’re fans however, website surveys can do more than collect feedback. Is this an online store? Add an online order form. Do your customers need to book appointments? Add a booking form. Do you want to stay connected with your customers? Add a contact form.

Add surveys to your website today

Our website collectors make it incredibly simple to add a survey to your site and customize the respondents’ experience on your site. You can choose between embedding your survey, adding a button, or inserting a pop-up window. All you have to do is:

  1. Create and design your survey in your Enalyzer account 
  2. Head over to the share panel and select the website method 
  3. Select a collector and just copy/paste some code into your website.

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