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Introducing the new way to Enalyze

We were born in 2000, and since then we have grown and developed, therefore we decided to create an application…

We were born in 2000, and since then we have grown and developed, therefore we decided to create an application that matched who we are and who we want to be, but most importantly an application that understood our users.

Our developer team set out on a mission to create a tool that was intuitive, versatile, professional, and stylish in order to create a user-friendly experience. We can proudly say that they exceeded all expectations.

We could tell you the ooh’s and aah’s of Enalyzer until your eyes bleed, but instead we have decided to highlight the following key features:

Responsive and adaptive design
We understand that you and your respondents want to work and communicate all the time and anywhere. That’s why, without downloading an app, Enalyzer is 100% responsive, so you can access your surveys and reports anytime, anywhere and on any device! Now, you, your respondents and your report readers will have the same experience regardless of the device.

User-friendly experience
We wanted to go beyond a user-friendly tool and create a user-friendly experience. Therefore, the Enalyzer user experience is based on Danish design principles; simplicity, minimalism, and aesthetics merged with high functionality and quality to make your work feel like play. This unique experience is not only for you, but also for your respondents and report readers.

The neutral design of the Enalyzer interface is meant to enhance your surveys and reports and give you complete control over your brand’s identity. You can easily style your surveys and reports with your company’s colors, fonts, logos, and more. Plus, the modern and interactive design will give your users a professional experience that they will attach to your brand.

We’re happy to finally introduce Enalyzer and we hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoyed building it.

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