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Monitor employee engagement and satisfaction frequently with the new organization features

Monitoring employee engagement and satisfaction requires consistency and this can be time-consuming for managers. With our new feature release of teams and employee…

Monitoring employee engagement and satisfaction requires consistency and this can be time-consuming for managers. With our new feature release of teams and employee profiles, you can empower your managers to collect and analyze feedback with just a few clicks. Reading time: 3 min. 

It’s impossible to not be part of a team. Teamwork combines different skills, approaches, and ways of thinking. Teams that know how to work together are great assets to companies since they help achieve results, however, when a team doesn’t operate like a well-oiled machine, it can cause delays in delivery, decrease in morale and strategic failure. 

If we look globally, companies are redesigning their organizations to be more team-centered which means teamwork isn’t going anywhere, so it’s important for you and your company to know have the tools you need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of teamwork in your organization. 

Teamwork efficiency and collaboration can be affected by a number of factors from changes in work tasks, team members or employees’ personal lives. Therefore, monitoring teamwork engagement and efficacy requires constant measuring. Well-designed surveys that have a strong theory-based framework and account for the goals and objectives of your organization will yield the data you need to take action. We promise you. But, and it’s a big but, that will not bring about real change unless you empower your managers with the right tools so they can do their work.  

That’s why we released employee profiles and teams. 

This platform update allows your managers to continuously and easily assess their employee engagement and team performance. Whenever they need to collect feedback, they simply pick the team that needs assessment, import the background information already stored and invite their employees with just a few clicks.  

The employee background information stored allows every single manager to slice and dice through the collected feedback to understand and identify problem areas, giving them the information they need to keep employees happy, engaged and for teamwork flourish. 

First things first, have you met Enalyzer organizations? 

Organizations allow you to have all your company’s employees, data and content under one online roof and not distributed throughout individual employee accounts. Everything created within the organization will always stay there and can never be transferred out, since leaving an organization means leaving all the work you’ve created behind. In short: organizations keep your company’s data in one place and protects it from employee turnover. 

Integrate your organization with Azure Active Directory (AAD) and automatically add all your employees to your organization. This provides them with single sign-on (SSO) which adds security to your organization and convenience to your employees. Plus, organization members will be automatically added or removed based on their AAD membership. 

Now it’s time to organize employees in teams 

Whether your organization adheres to conventional or dynamic hierarchies or a flat structure, we can accommodate to your structure. With Enalyzer, you can create teams that reflect your organization and use them to group your employees. Teams work with a hierarchy structure, that allows you to create teams within teams and you can use this structure to collect feedback as well. 

All employees have employee profiles with various background variables, so when you invite a team, you can import all employee variables. 

Add your employees and set up their profiles  

You can add any and all organization members as employees so you can easily collect their feedback and you can customize employee profiles. Employee profiles consist of their background information, aka demographic data that you can customize. You get to decide which variables these profiles contain, e.g. age, gender, salary, manager and more. Instead of manually setting up a CSV every time you conduct a team or employee survey, you can just import the data stored in the employee profiles. And, of course, all employee background information can be used to segment, benchmark, and drill down into your data when you analyze the collected feedback. 

With our quick results summary report, managers can also get a quick overview of employee feedback. If you’re not sure where to start, we created a template for you!

→ Use our teamwork evaluation survey template 

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