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One platform for your entire team

Teamwork combines different skills, approaches, and ways of thinking, that’s why your team deserves technologies that encourage working together. Enalyzer…

Teamwork combines different skills, approaches, and ways of thinking, that’s why your team deserves technologies that encourage working together. Enalyzer is a platform that enables you to get valuable insight, allowing everyone to elevate your business through collaboration.


We all work with data, Enalyzer allows you to turn that data into insight. Analyze your data through tailor-made reports that will help you identify trends and areas of improvement. Share the insight with all members of the organization, from managers to employees, so everyone can act and improve the stakeholder experience.


Everyone can collaborate on gathering and working with data, building reports, as well as sharing and reading reports; thereby implementing an insight-driven culture in your organization.


Every single member of your team is different and has different experiences. Enalyzer is a user-friendly tool that embraces everyone in your organization, regardless of data expertise. You don’t have to be a research expert to get started right away. The Enalyzer platform empowers everyone from student assistants to project managers by giving them the insights they need when they need them.

Enalyzer is highly secure, scalable, compliant and continuously audited to ensure your security and comfort. Lastly, the platform is completely backed up with a plethora of services from customer service, webinars, and consultants ready to assist.

Easier and better collaboration

Bring your entire team to Enalyzer and start collaborating with your team on surveys and reports through workspaces.

Are you part of several teams? No problem, with one account, you can be a member of several workspaces. As a workspace administrator, you can invite your entire team and start collaborating. Since teams change all the time, members can easily leave or be removed whenever it is no longer relevant for them to be part of the workspace.

To work together, workspace members simply have to include their surveys and reports and get cracking. Your graphic designer doesn’t have to wait until you’re done setting up the questions to personalize your survey’s look. Instead, you can get your work done at the same time. Workspace members can edit anything about your surveys and reports, however, all the items you own can only be deleted by you and you can exclude them from the workspace at any time. So far, so good, right?

Everything under one online roof

With an organization, you can ensure that all data and content related to your company is in one place and not distributed throughout individual employee accounts. Everything created within the organization will always stay there and can never be transferred out, since leaving an organization means leaving all the work you’ve created behind. In short: organizations keep your company’s data in one place and protects it from employee turnover.

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