Governments are easing up regulations, are you ready to follow suit?

As the spread of the coronavirus slows down, Europe is cautiously trying to get back to business with restrictions loosening…

As the spread of the coronavirus slows down, Europe is cautiously trying to get back to business with restrictions loosening across the continent. Denmark is opening up their shopping malls, The German Spy Museum in Berlin opened its doors for the first time in weeks, and Austrians can head over to hairdressers in Vienna after two months of lockdown.

With many European countries relaxing some of their restrictions, many are returning to public life. It’s a slow change and many restrictions will remain for the coming months. So, does this mean that your employees should slowly come back to the office? Hold your horses.

Health and safety first

Whether your employees have been working remotely or staying home due to business closure or health concerns, you need to ensure a healthy and safe transition back to the office. In other words, you need to determine when and how you can call back the troops.

We have developed a pulse survey solution that helps HR, IT, Operations, and Leadership teams address each employee’s unique needs and concerns to make a safe and positive transition back.

Pulse surveys collect real-time feedback, are flexible and adaptable, which allow the addition and removal of questions based on previous measurements. They allow for a proactive system that adapts to your employees and their experiences.

The Return to Work Pulse Solution

Our solution helps organizations quickly understand and address the employees’ unique concerns and needs to create actionable plans for transitioning teams back into the workplace.

Pre-built assessment questions and an automated point-in-time report cover the following topics:

  • Health and safety needs
  • Company and manager communication requirements
  • Readiness to reintegrate

This solution can be used for planning the reopening, as well as readying the organization, teams, and managers for a variety of situations including:

  • Employees returning back into the workplace after an extended period of remote work
  • Employees returning to work from extended self-quarantine or personal health safety concerns
  • Employees who interact with the general public and/or customers and are returning onsite

With our reports, you can use real-time employee experience data to make the best plans for your organization — and your employees — as you transition back to the workplace.

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If you’d rather handle it on your own, you can! We have a template you can use for inspiration and implement your own pulse solution using Enalyzer.