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Welcome to our home – Refshalevej

Refshalevej, or more specifically, Refshaleøen has been our home for 10 years and we’ve seen it change right before our…

Refshalevej, or more specifically, Refshaleøen has been our home for 10 years and we’ve seen it change right before our eyes, from an industrial shipyard into one of Copenhagen’s top destinations.

We want you to get the best out of your summer holidays, so if you’re considering a staycation or your traveling to Copenhagen, we’ve compiled a list from places in our street that you should not miss!

NOMA — Refshalevej 96

Photo by Rasmus Hjortshøj

Our first stop is right before we hit Refshaleøen and it’s the famous Noma. For more than 13 years, the Nordic restaurant Noma was the place to be for everyone. The Michelin-starred restaurant garnered stellar reviews and was on nearly every single best-of-year lists. All of this made a star of chef René Redzepi. And then in 2016, Redzepi shocked everyone when he revealed he would be closing Noma and travel to find inspiration.

In 2018, he reopened Noma in a new location, Refshalevej and just placed second on the 2019 World’s 50 Best Restaurants list. Noma’s new home is a former military warehouse that stored mines for the Royal Danish Navy.

La Banchina — Refshalevej 141

Right outside our office, we arrive at La Banchina. This restaurant has a delicious Italian-inspired menu and a great selection of natural wine. During the summer La Banchina provides one of the best spots for sunbathing and jumping in the water, whereas in the winter, their wood-fired sauna gets Copenhageners all set for a cold dip in the harbor.

Copenhagen Contemporary — Refshalevej 173A

Copenhagen Contemporary (CC) is Copenhagen’s newest art center and you can find it in the old welding hall at Refshaleøen. With a massive industrial hall space of 7000m2, CC is exploring contemporary art in terms of scale, format, interactive installation art, performance art, and video art. They opened in the spring of 2018 and they’re already breaking waves in the international art landscape.

REFFEN — Refshalevej 167A

Photo by Daniel Rasmussen

Reffen is probably one of our favorite spots for the simple reason that there is delicious food from across the world. Reffen is the home of the best street food market in Copenhagen but you’ll find more than food stalls, there are also bars, creative workshops, craftsmanship, clothing — it has everything! And it gets better, Reffen consists of a 6000m2 area, and there is access to another 4000m2 area by the water, which gives you an amazing view of Copenhagen.

CopenHot – Refshalevej 325

Photo by CopenHot

We are ending our little tour but we are certain that we saved the best for last: CopenHot. CopenHot will give you the spa experience you didn’t know you needed and that you’ve probably never tried before.

You can cruise the Copenhagen canals in a spa boat, yes a spa boat. You can also chill out in a fire-heated barrel spa at the harbor. There’s also a warm sauna with a panoramic glass wall that gives you a great view of the harbor.

What are you waiting for? Bring a towel and swimwear, and remember to shower before you arrive.

Honorable mentions

Refshaleøen has transformed from a historical industrial shipyard into a new destination in Copenhagen, and we love it. It is impossible to fit everything on this list so we thought we would add a few more spots. Because why not? It’s our blog post.

Mikkeller Baghaven (Refshalevej 169B) allows you to drink world-renowned brews in one of the best spots to enjoy the sun in Copenhagen with a fantastic view of Copenhagen’s city center, Amalienborg Palace and The Little Mermaid.

Baby Baby Bar (Refshalevej 151) is a pop-up bar in front of our office. They have a water slide – oh yes! And they capture the essence of Refshaleøen. They are a perfect little oasis in the middle of an industrial desert, we can only recommend. Remember to bring your bathing suit!

Blocs and Walls (Refshalevej 163D) on Refshaleøen is the largest climbing center in Scandinavia. Come here and meet state-of-the-art climbing walls and boulders. In order to boulder, you only need to rent a pair of climbing shoes if you don’t have your own. If you’re thinking, the weather is too great to be inside, no worries, they have a climbing wall outside as well.

We hope you enjoy our neighborhood and your summer holidays. Have a great summer ☀️

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